Mandy Peitz

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “get the hell out Dodge,” well, I grew up in Dodge City and got the hell out. Funny thing happened along the way . . . the wide open, peaceful landscape (which some call boring) of my youth found its way into my work. Growing up in a place that left so much room for my imagination to wander sparked a dream-like quality in my paintings. The Latina in me gets credit for hues of vermillion I often favor.

The surreal and serene are always apparent in my art, working together to find harmony and balance within a backdrop of whimsy and wonder. I use texture and color to capture my imagination of heart on canvas. My creative process is also varied and non-uniform as the images I depict and the color schemes are as diverse as the subject matter. Sometimes they are vibrant and loud and other times they are soft and subdued.

Painting often feels like a dream to me. Often I look at my paintings and wonder where they came from; my hands don’t remember creating them. As I paint, time seems to stand still as it somehow races by. In some wonderful and mysterious way, each painting finds its way into the world while remaining a part of me always.

Mandy is a graduate of The University of Kansas and lives in Nashville, TN.


    Painting often feels like a dream to me. Many times I have looked at one of my paintings and wondered where it came from because my hands couldnʼt remember creating it. It seems like time stands still and also happens …

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